Being a Man: Fatherhood and Abuse

Toy Soldiers

Originally posted on September 30, 2012

Several years ago, I wrote about my relationship with my godson:

[…] Something my godson did kind of triggered me. He is a toucher and a hugger. By that I mean you cannot be around him without him holding your hand, pulling on your arm, playing with your fingers or randomly hugging you. Usually I can deal with that well enough not feel uncomfortable. He does not mean anything by it, so I try to restrain any looks or gestures of my discontent.

Anyway, while I was sitting on the couch, he came behind me and hugged me over my shoulders. He was just by my jaw. For some reason his hair smelled like cookies. I do not know why, but I thought about my father, specifically how I used to hug him just like that. I was very young, around three or…

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10 Ways To Get Grounded

Success By Design Workshops

Many people ask about how to get grounded or get into their body. They are also effective when you use them throughout the day to relieve stress. We use these in our Success By Design Workshops to help people get in touch with their internal decision making authority. My suggestion is to try each one until you find the ones you like.


  • Rub feet on the floor – This is more effective when you do not have shoes on because the bottom of your feet are sensitive.
  • Wiggle your toes/Stomp your feet – Having a focus on your feet brings your awareness into your body. Not only doing the action but think about what your toes feel like is effective.
  • Stretch, roll your head around – Roll your head in a circle from left to right several times. Switch direction and circle your head from right to left several times.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About EFT

Success By Design Workshops

By Julien Adler

I learned EFT from Gary Craig who invented and perfected the procedure. I, like Gary, believe that it should be given to people for free. The world would be a much better place if everyone could releaset their negative emotions that are causing them pain, grief, blame, shame or guilt.

Many people ask me about the questions about EFT so here are the answers to the most common questions that I get:


How long does it take and how often should I tap?

Once you’ve done EFT a couple of times and know the process it only takes minutes. You

brush your teeth and shower every day and emotional cleansing should be a part of that

daily ritual too, especially if you want to be calmer, sleep better and feel happier.


How long do the results last?

Emotional healing with EFT is almost always long…

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Getting Outside of My Comfort Zone

Moody Speaks

It has been a little while since I wrote my last post for my blog. I wanted to let some time go by and reflect on my journey on healing and life. I am now 58 years old and I have learned how fast times goes by and how much I still want to learn about life. This blog was started to celebrate 25 years in business. I quickly realized as I opened up and dug deep inside, I couldn’t tell an accurate story on my journey in business without telling the accurate story of my life. As I wrote each post early in my blog, I begin to realize I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor who kept it quiet most of my life. I learned that the abuse had changed and influenced my entire life. I never realized until writing this blog and going deep into myself, how my…

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Where Do I Go From Here???

This inspires me in my embryonic blogging phase.

Moody Speaks

Welcome back to moodyspeaks. I have reach the crossroads of my blog. Where do I go from here??? It has been a great experience, a healing experience, a spiritual experience and a learning experience writing my blog. I started my blog on October 3, 2012. I had no idea what I would write for each post and I never imagined my blog would be read in over 80 countries. The most amazing fact for me is since October 3, 2012, there has only been 1 day that someone somewhere in the world didn’t read a post in my blog. I have been humbled by the readership and responses. To date there has been over 16,183 views of my blog. I never dreamed my blog would go on this long, or the subject of being a childhood sexual abuse survivor would impact so many people in the world. This blog started…

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