Touching Base

My Brothers And Sisters,

I Need To Take A Moment To Connect With You Alll And Beg Your Pardon,¬†As I’ve Not Been Here For A Good Little While.

The GOOD News, On The Other Hand, Is That My Healing Process Is Being Divinely-Miraculously Accelerated; A Report Simply Too Involved To Attempt To Articulate Within The Limitation Of A Brief Message.

Know, However, That In Hindsight, This Blog Represents The Beginning Phase Of My Coming Out To Publicly Share The Process Of My Spiritual Transformation, My Stepping Out Of The Bondage Of Brokeness Into Wholeness, And Authentic Empowerment, Which Is The God-Given Right Of Us All. And Then, There Is My Need-Calling To Write…You Are Important To Me. I Am Committed To This Calling.

Please Remember Me In Thought And Prayer: That I Remain In This Sweet Place Of Peaceful TOTAL SURRENDER, In Order That The Will Of Divine Spirit God Be Done In My Life. That Is My Purpose, And I Bask In The Joy Of It.

You Shall Hear From Me Soon. Until Then,

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings Always.

All Love,Image

Jeff, A Wounded Healer