10 Ways To Get Grounded

Success By Design Workshops

Many people ask about how to get grounded or get into their body. They are also effective when you use them throughout the day to relieve stress. We use these in our Success By Design Workshops to help people get in touch with their internal decision making authority. My suggestion is to try each one until you find the ones you like.


  • Rub feet on the floor – This is more effective when you do not have shoes on because the bottom of your feet are sensitive.
  • Wiggle your toes/Stomp your feet – Having a focus on your feet brings your awareness into your body. Not only doing the action but think about what your toes feel like is effective.
  • Stretch, roll your head around – Roll your head in a circle from left to right several times. Switch direction and circle your head from right to left several times.

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