Victimization, a different Paradigm

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Brugh Joy in a stream of consciousness….

“When you victimize, whether we are talking about feeling victimized because you had an unhappy childhood, or something else, this holds you in an earlier stage, and it is a way to disown the very thing that you are pointing the finger at.

The child can’t take it on, he can’t take on the persecutor, that is too annihilating to a child, but as an adult you can carry your share of the shadow, and then you begin to see other facets in terms of what comes out of such kinds of experiences.

Rejecting your roots costs you your soul. Enter a vehicle of consciousness that can take on deeper mysteries, instead of saying that it should have been different, for instance, I should have had a happier life. When the time comes to take on deeper material events begin to happen, we are called into certain circumstances and you begin to feel a new current, a new wave, a renewal, and something that you could never get into before: that all of your experiences helped set the stage to develop other resources, and this is an extraordinarily enrichening process.” Excerpted from the Call of the Ancestors Conference by our friend Alicia Schmoller

Jeff Hairston‘s insight:

This is the ultimate goal of the healing process.

This is spirituality at work.


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