Reclamation of Patterns and Events

See on –  Enlightenment

“There are many layers and doors to open in the reclamation of patterns and events in one’s life. If you are operating from the mythic pattern that some things should not have happened, you can´t see very much.

If you are willing to set aside the ”it should not have happened”, and asking the forbidden question, “What is this, and how can I apprentice myself to the deeper mystery?”, instead of trying to change things, this is beginning to appreciate larger unfoldments or deeper experiences in the realm of the Transcendent, and the consequences of actually carrying collective projections, what causes the individuals to carry it, what deeper things are being served in such mysteries, way beyond the idea of “I don’t like it”.

As we grow, we begin to realize that the very things that make us uncomfortable are the very things that have enormous transformative power. So we have to surrender the pleasure principle into carrying something else.

Discover if you have the vehicle of consciousness – and that “if” is a big, big, underlined question mark that every person has to assess when we begin to do the deeper work: do you have the vehicle of consciousness to carry what you could not carry as an earlier manifestation of the mystery that you represent?

Remember that the soul is in a transformative flowering and unfolding, and what was very appropriate at one stage is very inapproriate at a later stage.

Enter a vehicle of consciousness that can take on deeper mysteries, instead of saying that it should have been different, for instance, I should have had a happier life.

When the time comes to take on deeper material, events begin to happen, we are called into certain circumstances and you begin to feel a new current, a new wave, a renewal, and something that you could never get into before: that all of your experiences helped set the stage to develop other resources, and this is an extraordinarily enrichening process.” – Brugh Joy.

Jeff Hairston‘s insight:


Part of the desire to heal requires willingness/ability to “go deeper” and evolve.


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