One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. Compassion Is The Key

    Allow me to share an area which I find crucial to my own Healing and Wholeness: Compassion.
    This is a Spiritual Practice. Compassion facilitates the ability to understand on deeper levels.
    The Latin derivative of compassion is com: with, passion: to feel= To Feel With. To Empathize, Sympathize, Understand.

    Of equal, importance, Compassion paves the path toward Forgiveness. We must come to a place during our Healing journeys where we include the Spiritual Practice of Self-forgiveness, and yes, Forgiveness toward those who have harmed us. “Easier said, than done?” Absolutely! Possible? Most Definitely!!
    Identify with this in your personal journeys. You see, when we are stuck in the mire of resentment and hatred toward those who have done us harm, we remain connected to them and our suffering. Compassion and Forgiveness FREES us from those dark places where anger, resentment, hatred and their relatives reside. When we surrender to these beautiful practices, we find ourselves being moved toward Healing Light.
    WE need compassion, I’m sure you’ll agree. Here is an enlightening proposition: Have you ever needed to be forgiven? If yes, then what enabled that person to forgive you? It was Compassion. They put themselves into your shoes. Maybe they just “felt sorry” for you…but they DID forgive you. In the case of my perpetrators, I Do feel sorry for them. Think about the sick, pathetic and tragic lives these people live. Ask yourself: What made THEM that way? WHO HURT THEM?
    No, it doesn’t erase our painful experiences. To erase would discount who we are and the content of our character as SURVIVORS. but it DOES position us to live within the real of Higher Consciousness, which is Empowerment! There is nothing “weak’ about that. Give honor to wherever you are at this very moment. The fact that you have survived gives credence to the fact that you are EMPOWERED….with the will to live just ONE MORE DAY. Let’s allow ourselves to take our Empowerment to Higher Heights, to being WHOLE.
    How can this be achieved? Try praying/asking your Higher Source for it. If prayer is a concept that you have difficulty with, then explore medidtation…Find a quiet place where you can be free of any outside distraction.
    Wherever you are, simply close your eyes.
    Concentrate on your breathing.
    1. Inhale deeply, startiong from your lower abdomen, and your ribcage expand.
    2. Now, exhale. Fill your lungs again on the count of four…one, two, three, four.
    3.Hold your breath for one second, and release the air.
    Repeat this a few times, until you experience a sensation of relaxation.
    Now, begin your meditation:
    1. Inhale: “I in-berathe the willingness to receive the Power of Compassion into my entire being: Mind, Body and Spirit.
    2. Exhale: I release any resistance to my Healing process.
    1. Inhale: “I am Healed and Empowered.”
    2. Exhale: “I am no nonger bound by the distractions of anger, resentment or hatred or any form of self-hate.”

    Try this for 1 minute. You WILL feel a difference, I promise you.
    Gradually work your way up to 2 minutes of meditation, or longer, as your time allows.
    Apply this meditation to other areas of your life where you want to be healed.

    Thanks for reading and sharing.
    Be Blessed. Be Healed. Be Whole.

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